Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm Still Here

I'm still here.  I know my 3 readers were really starting to worry!  I'm 36 weeks pregnant and life has been busy.  Trying to keep these kids entertained this summer without them trying to kill one another is a big task.  I went to the doctor last week and mystery baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule and a little on the big side.  Not sure if we are off on my due date, or if this babe is just going to be hefty?  I'm just glad that one way or the other, something justifies all this weight gain.  It couldn't possibly be my daily fix of ice cream.  I quit taking my contraction medication over a week ago and of course, there hasn't been any change in my contractions.  Just my luck.  So we are just waiting.  Every morning I wake up thinking that this will be the day!  Mystery baby is still just cooking in there and will make his/her appearance when he/she is ready.  Until then, my mind is ever changing on what I think the gender is.   I will be as surprised as the next person.  I'll keep you posted.

Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm a firm believer in...chiropractic care!

I'm at that stage of pregnancy where I am pretty much miserable.  This stage seems to start sooner with each one.  Could be signs of getting older?  Let's not go there.  Everything aches.  I can't sleep.  I sweat 24/7 and can't ever get cool.  I waddle because I'm pretty sure this little one is about to fall out of my, well you know.  That or one of my other organs that has lost all elasticity.  I was reminded of the importance of chiropractic care when I woke up this morning with the worst pain in my upper back I've felt in ages.  Like I could barely walk and couldn't take a deep breath without shooting pains up my spine.  I ran up to my chiropractors office, he worked on me for only a couple of minutes and I walked out of there a new woman.

Here's the deal with chiropractors...there aren't a lot of good ones.  I know this because I've tried several.  They all have different techniques, they all think they can cure cancer with an adjustment and they will all give you the stink eye if you even mention medications or immunizations.  (At least the ones I've been to anyway.)  When I finally found the one that worked best for me, I fell in love with chiropractic care and I'm pretty sure that my chiro could fix just about any problem I have.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind while searching for the perfect chiropractor.  You will never get a one time fix.  It takes several consistent adjustments to get you in alignment and then you have to maintain that.  You cannot just go once or twice a year and it fix all of your issues.  When you get adjusted consistently, your chiro will know exactly what you need at each visit and you will hold your adjustment better.  Second, look for one that is respectful of your views and doesn't try and shove their homeopathic ideas down your throat.

I am all for natural care when it comes to health.  In my experience 9 times out of 10, homeopathic remedies do work for most things.  If any of us get sick, I would see our chiropractor before I went to the doctor.  He will adjust us for that particular illness, give me some suggestions on remedies, tell me what to expect and send me on my way.  Almost every time it works and we are feeling 100% within a few days.  Does that mean if one of us ever got a bad case of pneumonia I wouldn't give an antibiotic?  Absolutely not.  Does that mean I would rush to give them a 10 day dose of penicillin for an ear infection?  Absolutely not.  You have to find the right balance.

I'm also a huge believer in getting children adjusted.  I know a lot of people think that is crazy, but there are so many benefits.  In fact, my little guy had his first adjustment when he was just a few days old.  My kids love their adjustments.  They all argue over who gets to go first.  When your body is adjusted correctly it improves your sleep patterns, increases overall wellness and is a huge immune booster.  Maybe that's why my little guy is 2 and has never needed a medication?  Maybe that's why neither of my girls have been to the doctor except for well child visits in a couple of years?  Maybe it's just a coincidence?  Either way, I'm a believer and will keep on getting my family chiropractic care as long as we can!