Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Hooligans Q&A

Let's keep this train a going.  Here is the girls Q&A session.  First up, the incredible Sophia Grace!

1.  So, you just finished 1st grade!  What is your favorite thing about school?
Sophia- Getting to play with my friends and getting to learn stuff everyday.

2.  Who's the cutest boy in 1st grade?
Sophia - Gross. (insert eye roll)

3.  Who is your favorite family member?
Sophia- That would be really hard.  I guess Charlie and Beckham because those babies love me.

4.  What's your favorite thing about yo Momma?
Sophia- Well, she's a poop head and she's silly.

5.  What is your favorite thing about yo Daddy?
Sophia- He's cute and he's the best daddy ever.

6.  What do you want to be when you grow up? 
Sophia- An artist and a hair doer, or maybe a doctor?

7.  If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Sophia- Duh, to the beach.

8.  What are your plans for the summer?
Sophia- Just staying at the pool all day and all night.  I can even eat in there.

9.  What do you want your new baby sister/brother to be?
Sophia- Umm...definitely a girl.

10.  Well if it's a sister, what do you want to name her?
Sophia- Rosie Einstein

Excellent answers Miss Soaps.  Here goes the goofy Lola Mola.

1.  So, you just finished Pre K!  What is your favorite thing about school?
Lola- My teachers and recess and coloring and crafts and I like snack time and then lunch time.

2.  Who's the cutest boy in Pre K?
Lola- (sticking out her tongue at me)...long pause...Landon!

3.  Who is your favorite family member?
Lola- Silas.
Me- Why?
Lola- Because umm I love him and because he's in South Africa and umm we are adopting him.

4.  What's your favorite thing about yo Momma?
Lola- Because she's nice and dresses really cute and let's us do fun stuff.

5.  What is your favorite thing about yo Daddy?
Lola- Umm, because he takes us to Popcorn Papa and teaches us about drawing.

6.  What do you want to be when you grow up? 
Lola- A cheerleader!

7.  If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Lola- Shenaniganz

8.  What are your plans for the summer?
Lola- Going to Hawaiian Falls and the splash park and going to the beach.

9.  What do you want your new baby sister/brother to be?
Lola- Boy!

10.  Well if it's a brother, what do you want to name him?

Lola- Kylan, that's a really cute name.

Momma Q&A

Okay, now it's my turn to answer the same questions about the Hubby.  Here goes...

1.  If your hubby could change jobs, what would his dream job be?
Me- He loves his job as a graphic designer, but if I had to pick I'd say a professional fisherman?
Hubby-  True. I do love what I do. My dream job would be an Industrial Designer. That is what I always wanted to do but school was a fortune to get my degree.

2.  What is your hubby's most irritating habit?
Me- Definitely hacking up a lung every time he gets done brushing his teeth.
Hubby- Yeah, it annoys me too. I have a terrible gag reflex.

3.  What would your hubby's dream date be?
Me- Hmm...good dinner and a guy movie?
Hubby- An overnight date with Holly sans kids. I could care less what we do or where we go. I never get alone time with her so that would be most important.

4.  If your hubby won the lottery, what would he spend the money on?
Me- He would start his own charity and buy his dream car first, then travel the world and live on the lake.
Hubby- Yep. In that order. I would have the baddest freaking ride you've ever seen.

5.  What is your hubby's most admirable trait?
Me- He is a very hard worker and extremely loyal.
Hubby- I agree with that. I work like crazy but I don't mind because I want my family to have nice things. I grew up broke as a joke and I will scrub toilets before that happens to my kids. Don't believe me? I've done it.

6.  When did you know he was "the one"?
Me- I don't remember the exact second, but I knew without a doubt on one of our first few dates.  When you know, you know.
Hubby- It's really all about your game. Never pop your collar either. That gets you nowhere.

7.  What is the one thing your hubby despises when it comes to housework?
Me- Picking up everyone's clutter.
Hubby- I'm very organized so clutter drives me nuts.

8.  If your hubby was stranded on a deserted island, what would be the one thing he couldn't live without?
Me- His phone.
Hubby- A boat would probably be good so I could bounce outta there. Phone is good as long as I have reception :)

9.  Who takes longer to get ready, be honest?
Me- Without at doubt, him.  This would be his second most irritating habit.
Hubby- Does it matter? Just because she doesn't have to work hard to be beautiful she can get done quick. I'm old and slow. Don't hate.
Me- Whatev

10. Your hubby is sitting in front of the tv, what's on?
Me- He rarely watches tv, but lately he's been catching up on Breaking Bad.
Hubby- If TV is on it would have to be Dexter, Breaking Bad or Duck Dynasty. I'm not much of a TV person unless I am at the in-laws. The recliners are too comfortable and the TV is right there so....

11. How does your hubby take his coffee?
Me- It's embarrassing to say (coming from a true coffee drinker), so let's just pretend that he only drinks DP.
Hubby- Embarrassing? The Java Chip at Starbucks is just a small sample of what heaven will be like. Vanilla Latte isn't bad either.
Me- See, totally embarrassing.

12. What is one thing your hubby wears that you wish he would throw away?
Me- UGH, that stupid camo hat my dad gave him.  It's hideous.
Hubby- I love that hat. For real. I never, ever wear hats. I really don't like them but that one is on my dome every weekend. It's broken (thanks to Lola) so I need to super glue it. Not kidding either.

13. What is your hubby's strangest habit?
Me- He won't drink out of a straw.  That's just weird.
Hubby- For any guys reading this. Drink out of a straw in the mirror and you'll know why. You look silly. If you kiss the straw your lips goes in all sorts of stupid looking shapes. I think men should be men that's all.

14. Tell us something about your hubby that most people wouldn't know.
Me- He won't eat hot fruit and rarely drinks hot drinks.  No pies, cobblers, hot cocoa, etc. 
Hubby- That and there was a time I was recruited to be a traveling make-up artist for Trish McEvoy.
Me- Wow, even I didn't know that.  Awkward.

15. What is your hubby's best physical trait?
Me- His green eyes.  I really wish just one of our kids would get his green eyes with dark hair.  Love it.
   Hubby- I guess the years and extra pounds haven't been kind. My hair is getting grey so all that's left are my eyes.   Sad day.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hubby Q&A

I decided to be a total blog idea stealer and do a little Q&A with the hubby.  I've seen other bloggers do this with their husbands and it is a lot of fun.  I figure I might even switch it up a little and answer some fun questions about him later.  Here goes...

1.  If your wife could change jobs, what would her dream job be?
Hubby- She really loves her job as a hair stylist but I would have to say personal shopper. Shop all day AND get paid? Yeah, that would be it.
Me- Tis true, I do love to shop.  I think it would be a toss up between personal shopper or labor and delivery nurse.  I am a bit fascinated with birthing.

2.  What is your wife's most irritating habit?
Hubby- When she calls me she starts talking 100 miles an hour without warning.
Me- I could think of way more irritating habits about myself than this one, but I'll go with it.  I don't call just to chat, so if I call you, get your ears ready b/c it's important and needs to be quick.

3.  What would your wife's dream date be?
Hubby- As long as it was with Ryan Gosling it could be at McDonalds and she wouldn't care.
Me- Hardy har har.  Although Ryan Gosling is a sexy little thing, he looks a little too much like my brother and that's just creepy.  My dream date would be sushi with the hubs at Sushi Axiom, dessert and coffee at Fearings and a night at Hotel Zaza, with their famous breakfast in bed the next morn...after I sleep in until 10!  Hint, hint.

4.  If your wife won the lottery, what would she spend the money on?
Hubby- She would give money to her family, the church and charities first. After that she would make it rain in NorthPark Mall.
Me- All very true.  I would also buy some land on the lake, build my dream house, get a new car, travel the world.  I could go on for days with this one.

5.  What is your wife's most admirable trait?
Hubby- There simply is no better mother on the face of the earth. Past or present. She is an absolutely amazing mother.
Me- Quit making the pregnant lady all teary.  I am glad he feels this way about me, although I most certainly struggle with this on a daily basis.

6.  When did you know she was "the one"?
Hubby- As soon as I saw her on our first date. No lie. She showed up in sweats, a pony tail and no makeup. That was the kind of woman I wanted. Honest and confident. BTW, she looked smoking hot.
Me- It still cracks me up that he found this so intriguing.  I normally would fix myself up a little for a first date, but I was running late and quite frankly, wasn't trying to impress.  I wasn't looking for a love connection at the time, but isn't that how the story always goes?

7.  What is the one thing your wife despises when it comes to housework?
Hubby- Putting up the laundry. It will sit there forever.
Me- Could not agree more.  Ugh, something about putting laundry up just makes my skin crawl.  Maybe you should just take over that chore for me...umkay?

8.  If your wife was stranded on a deserted island, what would be the one thing she couldn't live without?
Hubby- That's a tough one. I would say makeup or a book.
Me- Whatever.  I would take sunblock.  Homegirl doesn't want any wrinkles from all that sun.

9.  Who takes longer to get ready, be honest?
Hubby- She does.
Me- You are so full of bologna.  I can get myself and all three kids ready and in the car before he's done primping.

10. Your wife is sitting in front of the tv, what's on?
Hubby- Duck Dynasty
Me- I do love me some Duck Dynasty right now.  I'm still trying to convince him to let us name our unborn child Willie.  During the Fall it would be Parenthood.

11. How does your wife take her coffee?
Hubby- Strong with a little cream and sugar
Me- Yep

12. What is one thing your wife wears that you wish she would throw away?
Hubby- Nothing. She always dresses really cute.
Me- If I won the lotto, I'd dress a lot cuter.

13. What is your wife's strangest habit?
Hubby- She makes this weird face when she puts lotion on. Seriously.
Me- I have no idea what he's talking about?

14. Tell us something about your wife that most people wouldn't know.
Hubby- Her biggest fear is getting killed in a drive-by shooting. I'm not kidding.
Me- Or getting a brain tumor.  It's a toss up.

15. What is your wife's best physical trait?
Hubby- Her eyes. First thing I noticed the day we met. Of course, her booty was the second thing that stood out when she walked off.
Me- Well the booty has seen 4 pregnancies now, so I think that one's off the table.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pregnancy #1 to #4

I'm 26 weeks now...I think.  I'd have to look up my pregnancy calendar to know for sure.  Who has time for that?  That pretty much sums up this pregnancy.  Poor baby, the only time I think about being pregnant is when I wake up 3 times every night to pee, or when my sciatic nerve keeps me gimping around.  That's the difference in pregnancy #1 and pregnancy just don't have time to dwell on all the joys of it.  Here are a few things that would have already happened by now...if this was my first go around.

*I would know exactly to the day how far along I am.  I use to count by weeks, now I go by months.
*I would know the sex of the baby.  I mean I would HAVE to know so that I could plan every little detail of the baby's life before it entered the world.  Now, it doesn't matter, the surprise is worth the wait.
*They would have a first AND middle name and we would use it in daily conversation.  Now, we pretty much haven't even discussed what we will name this baby.  I've got like 3 months to worry about that, what's the rush?
*The nursery would be painted, furniture put together and several hundred dollars worth of bedding and decorations would fill the room.  Now, I figure I can always use a pack and play for several months in our room until we figure out where to put this little one.
*There would be new clothes hanging in the baby's closet, already washed in Dreft and ready to be worn.  Now, I hope there are a couple of bags of used clothes in the attic I can grab once we get home from the hospital.  Who cares about washing them...I'm pretty sure they were clean when we stuck them up there?
*I would be working on my birth plan and starting to pack my hospital bag.  Know what my birth plan is now?  To get an epidural as quickly as possible.  Who cares after that as long as the baby comes out healthy?  And I don't think there's anything I will really need at the hospital that I can't send the Hubby to Target for once we check in.  Why stress?
 *I would have already called my doctor at least 20 times to ask if certain things are "normal".  Now, if something weird comes up I first google it and hope there is one other person on the planet that's had the same thing.  Then if I can't find someone, I figure I'll see my doctor in the next couple of weeks and either that thing will be gone, or I'll just ask her about it in person.

It's not that I'm not super excited about this baby, I just don't have time to think about him/her.  I'm in survival mode.  I work.  I am never without at least 2 kids outside of work.  I'm busy.  I'm tired.  I'm just trying to make it to August, get this baby out and then learn how to keep my sanity.  There will be plenty of time once I'm on maternity leave to make my close friends and family get all these pre-baby things wrapped up!  Just kidding...I'll help a little.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mother's Day Wish

The kids and I went to dinner with my mom tonight and I was grilling her about what she wanted for Mother's Day.  She mentioned she wanted some creepy stone angel bird bath/feeder statue thing.  Sorry mom, I don't buy weird gifts like that, especially if I have to have that thing stare at me while I lounge by your pool.  Shiver.  Anyway, it got me thinking about what the perfect Mother's Day would look like for me.  Let me preface this by saying that I know there are "those moms" out there that say the only thing they want for Mother's Day is to spend it with their kids and just enjoy them.  I'm not one of "those moms".  Although I love my kids dearly, this holiday is a reward for being a good mom and is the perfect opportunity to have some freakin' peace, quiet and relaxation.  Sorry for the Hubby, he married a woman who's love language is both acts of service and gifts.  I told him to think twice before putting that ring on my finger.  Sucker.

I figure I should be nice and actually spend Mother's Day with my family.  Without my little hooligans I wouldn't get the honor of this holiday.  Come Monday, that's when my day would begin.  It would go a little something like this...

6:30- Alarm beeps but the Hubby turns it off and gets the kids up and out the door, letting me sleep in for the first time in years.
8:00- Get my coffee and do a little reading without screaming, tattling and Dora in the background.
9:00- Get ready and head to the spa for a mani/pedi and 2 hour massage.  Then I'd get my hair shampooed an blow dried, just because I loathe doing that.
1:00- Grab lunch somewhere delicious with one of my girlfriends.  This would normally include a couple of glasses of wine, but the alien inside of me prevents that from happening.
2:30- Head to the mall and pick up my new iPhone, because my 3G isn't doing the trick anymore.  Stalk the makeup counters and buy the latest summer must haves.  Then I'll find tons of super cute maternity clothes that all make me look half the size I am, and they will all be on sale as well.
6:00- Grab dinner and a chick flick with another girlfriend.
10:00- Come home to a clean house, sleeping children and a detailed car.  The laundry will be completely washed, dried, folded and put away.  The Hubby will tell me to take a Tylenol PM, that he is sleeping in the spare bed and will get up with the little monster that wakes me up throughout the night, so that I can get some much needed sleep after my long day.

Is that too much to ask?