How You Can Help

Let's face it, adopting internationally is crazy expensive.  There are costs as big as the adoption agency fees (we are using Children's House International), Ethiopia's adoption fees, home study, travel expenses (we will have to go to Ethiopia 2 times).  All the way to things as small as passports, visas, physicals and tons of certified paperwork.  The estimated cost of our adoption is $35,000.  We don't have $35k sitting in our bank account waiting to be used, but I'm not worried about it.  There will be faithful givers, grants, fundraisers, etc. that will go towards our adoption, and we will figure out the rest!  The main thing we ask is that you will pray, pray, pray.  Pray for our family as we take this step together, pray for our sweet little boy and his health, pray for a smooth transition for all of us and then pray some more!

And...if you feel led to support us financially, you can just click on the Support Our Journey link, at the top left of the page, and make a tax deductible donation that we would truly appreciate!