Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Don't Do Animals

Thank you to my one and only blog reader, Joanna, I have 3 topics to write on this week.  We will start with, do you have any pets?  The simple answer is no.  The complex answer is that I always had family pets growing up and loved them dearly.  When the hubby and I got married I talked about wanting a little dog, like a chihuahua or something like that.  5 days before I delivered our first baby, the hubby showed up with a teacup chihuahua.  We named her Maggie, she was black and VERY tiny.  She was also apparently too young to have been sold and needed to be bottle fed.  It was like I instantly had 2 babies.  She was untrainable, she shook uncontrollably and drove me absolutely bananas.  We kept her for several months and then gladly gave her away to a cousin that loved chihuahuas and had a friend for Maggie.  We were both happier, meaning Maggie and I, when she found a new home.

About a year later, we had moved into our new house and had a big back yard.  We decided to give a puppy a go again and got Charlie, a westie/shih tzu mix.  I actually liked this dog, but he drove the hubby bananas.  He did little things like dig a million holes in our backyard, escape every chance he got and roamed the neighborhood.  We had a random neighbor on a daily basis that would bring him home.  No matter what we did, he dug and escaped.  One day I had a client at work that had just lost her dog of 12 years.  I told her I had a dog that she could have and she said sure!  I gave her the code to our garage and told her where all his stuff was.  She went straight over there and got him and we never had to say good bye.  The next time I saw Charlie was months later when his new owner brought him by the salon.  He was wearing a sweater and had a bandana on.  She obviously loved the dog and took great care of him.  Again, I think we were both happy Charlie found a new home.

After that I decided that a family pet was not for us.  Especially after #2 and #3 came along.  An animal would just be one more thing for me to clean up after and take care of.  No.  Thanks.  The hubby keeps saying that he is going to get a big dog for the backyard.  I keep telling him that if that ever happens, him and the dog will be at Wal Mart with a free sign attached. 

There you have it.  No pets for the Green fam.  Not now, not ever.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I'm such a horrible blogger lately and it's only because I have zero to talk about.  Help a sister out and leave a comment on the blog with a topic you would like me to blog about.  Anything goes.  I will give my biased opinion on absolutely anything. 

Monday, February 13, 2012


I've been feeling funky lately.  Pregnancy does not sit well with me.  I keep telling myself that it could be worse, but the pessimist in me keeps saying that it could be a lot better!  Pregnancy does not make me a happy person.  I know there are "those" people that love every minute of it, I think they are lying.  To me, it's just a necessary evil to get the most amazing prize at the end.  I can do this.  12+ weeks and counting. 

On a much brighter note, tomorrow is Valentine's Day!  I could actually care less about this holiday, I'm not your typical girl when it comes to lovey dovey stuff.  However, it was Valentine's Day 9 years ago that the hubby formally proposed to me.  We celebrated by going to our favorite sushi place in Dallas last night.  It was nice to get to actually talk and discuss our future.  Lots of changes coming our way along with this little baby and our adoption.  We are so excited about God's direction for our family and feel such peace knowing that he already has our story written out for us.
In the mean time, I'm in survival mode.  Cooking a precious baby, managing our household, keeping up with 3 rug rats, working and trying to fit sleep in there somewhere.  Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.  I'm going to spend mine going from school party, to school party, and enjoying the mountains of love that surround me.  Let the festivities begin!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Don't Invite Me To Pinterest

This past Friday we were invited to a delightful little dinner party at some new friends house.  It was perfect.  There were lights strewn from the ceiling in the den, with a big table covered in butcher paper and crayons to color with.  There were different varieties of flavored popcorn, delicious pulled pork sandwiches, homemade beans and corn and sweet potato fries.  Along with tiny mason jars with different flavored cobblers for dessert.  I want to be THAT person.  THAT person that hosts dinner parties and gets all these cute little ideas and recipes off Pinterest.  I want people to leave my dinner party bragging about how cute and fun it was.  I want to be cool and hospitable like that.

Seems like everywhere I turn lately people are talking about this Pinterest business.  Look at this amazing dinner I'm preparing from Pinterest.  I made my own curtains using this tutorial on Pinterest.  Did you see how to decorate your table for Valentines off Pinterest?  No.  No, I did not see that because I am not on Pinterest.  Don't invite me to be on Pinterest either, because it ain't happening.  Before you boycott me and my little blog all together, hear me out on this one.

 Pinterest to me is like shopping at T J Maxx.  I have clients on a weekly basis that come in wearing the most adorable clothes, shoes and bags.  When I compliment them and ask them where they got those fabulous boots?  "T J Maxx, Girl, $549.00 marked down to $29.99".  "Wow, that's amazing, I should shop there more".  I'm lying.  I'll never step foot in that store.  Want to know why?  Because it's a time suck.  This momma of 3, almost 5, doesn't have time to sort through piles of crap in order to, on rare occasion, find a treasure.  I want to walk into an organized store, see something on a manaquin, grab my size, check out and jet.  I don't care that I might have paid $10 more for something, because my time is more valuable than money.  Period.

 This is how Pinterest works.  You spend hours upon hours looking at all your friends boards and searching for ideas for your child's next birthday party and every once in awhile you find a treasure.  In the mean time, you waste precious time scrolling through the junk.  Here's my proposition.  If all you Pinterest people see something that you think will change my house, recipe box, accessories or life in general, just forward it on to me.  I will gladly take a look and thank you for saving precious hours of my life.