Friday, September 28, 2012


I touched base with our adoption agency this week.  I had a ton of questions as to what the next step in our adoption process is.  Basically, we have to redo almost ALL of our paperwork.  Everything in an adoption process is time sensitive and they don't like anything to be dated more than a year old.  Unfortunately for us, all of our paperwork was done last September/October.  After being completely consumed with paperwork for the past month for our new house, this news almost brought me to tears.  I loathe paperwork.  I can't stand going to 20 different places to get 20 different documents and calling 50 different people to be put on hold 50 different times in order to get all the tedious crap that we need.  Sigh.

After being completely discouraged, I took a breather and remembered why we are doing this.  I remembered that there is a precious little boy across the world waiting on a family.  I remembered that we were called to do this.  We didn't choose it, it was chosen for us.  I remembered that it is never easy to do what Christ calls us to do, which is to follow him.  I remembered that everything is in His perfect timing.  We may have to wait another year to bring Silas home, but when we do, it will be the right time for our family.  We are learning so much through this journey in our lives.  We are learning patience, we are learning trust, we are learning that we aren't in control and that we shouldn't be.

All that being said, if there is anyone who just loves tedious paperwork, you are more than welcome to help a sister out!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stick a fork in me

I just knew that while I was on maternity leave I would be an amazing blogger.  I have all these very important topics to write about and thought that everyone would take a nap at the same time every day and give me some me time to relax and catch up on blogging.  Yeah, not so much.  My days pretty much consist of me barely surviving.  Between bouncing, rocking and nursing a baby who seems to cry nonstop, I try to do a load of laundry here and there, cook a meal or two, run errands and keep the house somewhat picked up.  I need to go back to work just so I can catch a break.

Today was no different from the rest.  I decided that I needed to run a few errands with the 3 little ones while the big one was in school.  First stop was Target.  I lift Beckham out of his carseat and realize that he has a dirty diaper.  (someone really needs to potty train that kid)  I throw him in the back, change his diaper and get everyone else unloaded to head in the store.  Some car alarm starts going off and Beckham freaks out.  Full blown crying fit starts now.  I get in the store, get everyone loaded in the buggy and make my quick run through the clothes department.  I smell something funky.  It's Hendrix diaper.  I pick him up and realize that it's not just a dirty diaper, it's a full blow out.  Yellow mustard poop all the way up his back, in his hair and all over his carseat.  Fantastic.  Don't worry about the fact that he had his weekly bath this morning.

I decide that the bathroom is too far away and just throw my changing pad on the ground between two clothes racks.  For some stupid reason I let Beckham out of the buggy just so he will stop screaming, as long as he promises to stay right by Mommy.  What the hell was I thinking?  Since when does my 2 year old follow directions?  Him and Lola start chasing each other around the clothes racks.  Shoot. Me.  I undress Hendrix, take off his diaper and start to wipe the mustard mess off.  I get him cleaned up and reach for a diaper in my bag.  You guessed it, I don't have one single diaper on me and don't know where the other 2 have run off to.  Oh well, I'll find them later.  I pick up naked, screaming baby (cause that's what he does all day) and run to the diaper aisle and grab a bag of diapers.  On my way back to my setup I spot the other two and grab Beckham under his arm with my deathly (you are in so much trouble) grip, throw Hendrix back on his changing pad, get him put back together and head to the dressing rooms to hide and nurse him so he'll calm down and I'll have a moment to regain my dignity.

This day can't get any worse, right?  After I finished up at Target, it was time for lunch.  We chose Grandy's because who doesn't love cafeteria food?  I get the kids tucked in a booth and get in line to order.  There is some kid behind the counter that I'm pretty sure was kicked out of High School.  One because he looked like a high schooler and two because he had a terrible attitude.  Dude couldn't get my order right so the manager came over to help him.  The kid got mad because the manager was griping at him, so he threw his name badge on the counter and walked out.  Can someone just finish taking my order, please?  I walk back over to the kids with their drinks and what has my son done?  Poured out the entire salt and pepper shakers all over the table and is playing in it.  Stick a fork in me... I'm done.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Random Pics

It's so true that you get worse at taking pictures of each kid that comes along.  There just isn't enough time in the day.  Thank goodness #3 and #4 are boys and probably won't care that there aren't 7,500 pictures of them before their first birthdays.  I did try and snap a few this afternoon and this is about all I got...


Bless you!

Why can't adults look that cute with a double chin?

Lola always ready to pose.

Sophia always avoiding the camera.

Beckham always mad about something.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Life has been crazy to say the least.  Long story short, our house has been on the market for several months.  We were hoping to sell and move to Rockwall because we basically live there anyway.  Problem was that we were very specific in what we wanted in a house.  We have lived in what I call a "cookie cutter" house for the past 7 years.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with a cookie cutter house, except that they just aren't our style.  I am one of the very few people in Texas that doesn't like open floor plans, high ceilings and zero lot lines.  We love older homes with character.  Homes that you walk in an immediately feel warm and fuzzy.

Finding that home turned out to be near impossible.  Either the ones on the market were too small for our large family, way out of our price range, needed too much work or smelled like cat pee.  We had pretty much given up on the idea of moving since school was starting, and well, we had a baby on the way.  Then a couple of weeks before Hendrix was born, a friend of mine (who has my absolute favorite historical home in downtown Rockwall) decided she wanted to sell.  We jumped on that like white on rice, found a renter for our house and moved in with my parents, all the same week that Hendrix was born.  We close on the new house at the end of the month and move in early October. 

Phew.  I'm tired just typing that.  Huge props to the Hubby for spending his "maternity leave" packing and moving everything into storage.  Tomorrow my middles start preschool so hopefully I can start my maternity leave and get a little rest!  Here's a few pictures of my little porker, just because he's so stinkin cute...