Wednesday, June 4, 2014

One Month Later

We've been home with Robee for almost a month.  I love how people keep asking how everyone's doing and then
they are like, how you you REALLY doing?  So, here's the good, the bad and the ugly one month post adoption...

Robee is doing awesome.  I feel like he feels safe and secure with us.  He is definitely attached to me and adores his big sisters.  There are fewer meltdowns from day to day.  We are establishing boundaries and a schedule, which make our days run a lot smoother.  He is gaining weight and eating like a champ.  Developmentally he is picking up on new stuff every day.  The language barrier doesn't seem to cause a whole lot of stress on any of us and he is picking up new words constantly.  We have been to several doctors appointments, had tons of blood drawn and right now we are just working to get his vitamin D levels up and watching a couple of cavities.  So, over all I feel like he is doing amazing.  Of course, I've never done this before and don't know what to expect (did I mention that I started reading several adoption books and then tossed them because I was on the verge of a panic attack with information overload?)  So, we are just winging it.  I'm sure I will have to get the poor child a shrink later.

The Hubby and Ro are starting to like each other more.  It was touch and go there for awhile.  That Ethiopian has tested every bit of patience the Hubby has.  There aren't many men that orphans come in contact with so they are more hesitant around them.  They tend to act out in different ways when they aren't sure about someone.  Ro whines when I'm not around.  Like, non stop.  And not like in a scared way, like in a I'm going to annoy the crap out of you until you get my momma kind of way.  Problem is, I work 3 days a week, which means Ro is with the Hubby on those days.  Let's just say that they both could use some prayers.

The other 4 seem to really like our Ethiopian.  Sophia has been so super helpful.  She adores Ro and loves teaching him new things.  She is constantly reading the translation book trying to figure out what he's saying and speaking in Amharic to him.  If she's feeling extra helpful that day, she will put him to bed and lay by him and sing him songs until he falls asleep.

Lola is our entertainer and I think that she thinks her job is to make Ro laugh, and teach him dangerous tricks.  She is constantly giving him food and has woken up early several mornings to make him eggs because he loves eggs for breakfast.  He is pretty smitten with her and follows her around yelling her name most afternoons.

Beckham has pretty much been a complete punk for the past month.  He is the victim and everyone is out to make his life miserable.  It's like I thought we had skipped terrible 2's and 3's and then they hit at the same time with a vengence.  We are working on his attitude.

Hendrix thinks Robee is his little pet.  He thinks everything Ro does is hilarious.  They play non stop and get into everything in my house.  They want to eat constantly but heaven forbid one of them takes a piece of food off the other one's plate, all hell breaks loose.  They talk in their little baby talk to each other and then laugh and give high fives.  It's the cutest.  If Robee is upset then Henny sits beside him and pats him.  They color on my walls, fight over toys, yell and destroy everything in their sight.  They will be best buds for sure.  Hopefully my house is still standing by the time I get them out of the nest.

Because and only because of my little Irish twins, I'm pretty much exhausted.  It's like I have these two Tasmanian devils running this show.  They never sit still, they never leave me alone, they are loud and obnoxious and poop a freaking lot.  They both wake up by 6:30 every morning (for the love) and are just ready to whip my ass.  They are both begging for food and need their diapers changed, but the second I change them, they are going to drop a deuce.  Then I change them again and put clothes on them.  Why do I even bother because before we leave to go anywhere I will have changed them at least 2 more times because I'm pretty sure they have a hidden bucket of snot and dirt that they just go and roll around in as soon as they have clean clothing.  Then we go to get loaded in the car and they take off running in opposite directions and think it's so cute and funny that I have to chase them all over the yard.  Yeah, mommy thinks that's super funny when we are running late, which is basically all the time now since I can't even pee in the mornings without one of the little devils breaking something or tracking scrambled eggs all over my house.

Let's not even talk about trying to take them out in public.  Besides the fact that the Tasmanian devils are horrible, I have Beckham who is mad at the world and insists on arguing over everything.  As if that doesn't make my Target runs stressful enough, there's all the onlookers and the people that like to point out the fact that I have my hands full.  No.  Freaking.  Kidding.  What was your first clue?  The lack of personal hygiene on my part,  the bags under my eyes or the sweaty armpits from my borderline anxiety attack?  Can a sister get some Xanax?

So when you ask me how I'm REALLY doing, the answer is my life feels completely overwhelming and I'm hanging on for dear life!  But.... every time I hear that sweet Ethiopian laugh or run up and give me a hug, or when I see the joy in his eyes when he accomplishes and new "trick", it is completely worth every single moment of stress.  Although most days I feel like I don't have one more ounce of energy, patience or love to give, the good Lord reminds me that he called us to do this and he will equip us with exactly what we need, when we need it. For now I am holding on to that faith....and upping my Zoloft.