Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Don't Do Animals

Thank you to my one and only blog reader, Joanna, I have 3 topics to write on this week.  We will start with, do you have any pets?  The simple answer is no.  The complex answer is that I always had family pets growing up and loved them dearly.  When the hubby and I got married I talked about wanting a little dog, like a chihuahua or something like that.  5 days before I delivered our first baby, the hubby showed up with a teacup chihuahua.  We named her Maggie, she was black and VERY tiny.  She was also apparently too young to have been sold and needed to be bottle fed.  It was like I instantly had 2 babies.  She was untrainable, she shook uncontrollably and drove me absolutely bananas.  We kept her for several months and then gladly gave her away to a cousin that loved chihuahuas and had a friend for Maggie.  We were both happier, meaning Maggie and I, when she found a new home.

About a year later, we had moved into our new house and had a big back yard.  We decided to give a puppy a go again and got Charlie, a westie/shih tzu mix.  I actually liked this dog, but he drove the hubby bananas.  He did little things like dig a million holes in our backyard, escape every chance he got and roamed the neighborhood.  We had a random neighbor on a daily basis that would bring him home.  No matter what we did, he dug and escaped.  One day I had a client at work that had just lost her dog of 12 years.  I told her I had a dog that she could have and she said sure!  I gave her the code to our garage and told her where all his stuff was.  She went straight over there and got him and we never had to say good bye.  The next time I saw Charlie was months later when his new owner brought him by the salon.  He was wearing a sweater and had a bandana on.  She obviously loved the dog and took great care of him.  Again, I think we were both happy Charlie found a new home.

After that I decided that a family pet was not for us.  Especially after #2 and #3 came along.  An animal would just be one more thing for me to clean up after and take care of.  No.  Thanks.  The hubby keeps saying that he is going to get a big dog for the backyard.  I keep telling him that if that ever happens, him and the dog will be at Wal Mart with a free sign attached. 

There you have it.  No pets for the Green fam.  Not now, not ever.


  1. HaHa there are many days I wish we did not have Tilly. Like you said another thing for me to clean up and take care of. I do read your blog ;) ha I just had no idea what to tell you to write about. I mean I am always just writing about my family...nothing that is exciting. I would love to see what your kiddos are up to and pictures of them! For husbands that are business partners we don't ever see each other!

  2. I read your blog!!!! LOL! I love hearing your stories because then I don't feel like I am the only working mom who struggles with cleaning, fixing myself up, dealing with these crazy kids and their phycho temper tantrums! You keep it real! I have laundry to fold when I get home... most every day. My 4 yr old throws fits in stores... well, anywhere, that makes my head spin then yells DON'T HIT ME AGAIN! AAAAAHHH SOMEBODY HELP ME SHE'S GONNA WACK MEEEE! OMG seriously? All I did was grab his hand and draw him close so I could grit my teeth while whispering in his ear, "You better get it together right now or there will be a big butt spanking when we get to the car do you hear me MR.???"Ahhhh...4yrs old... good times! Now it's not even worth telling him that because of the drama that comes with it! HE is MY drama king! LOL! and now the baby (almost 2) is starting the same thing!!!!UGH!
    Oh and congrats on #4!!!!! Maybe some updates on #4 foranew post? :/ don't know you do a great job with out any of our help! LOL! How about a day in the life of Holly? :/ ( I don't have a blog... I suck at consistancy!)


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