Monday, February 13, 2012


I've been feeling funky lately.  Pregnancy does not sit well with me.  I keep telling myself that it could be worse, but the pessimist in me keeps saying that it could be a lot better!  Pregnancy does not make me a happy person.  I know there are "those" people that love every minute of it, I think they are lying.  To me, it's just a necessary evil to get the most amazing prize at the end.  I can do this.  12+ weeks and counting. 

On a much brighter note, tomorrow is Valentine's Day!  I could actually care less about this holiday, I'm not your typical girl when it comes to lovey dovey stuff.  However, it was Valentine's Day 9 years ago that the hubby formally proposed to me.  We celebrated by going to our favorite sushi place in Dallas last night.  It was nice to get to actually talk and discuss our future.  Lots of changes coming our way along with this little baby and our adoption.  We are so excited about God's direction for our family and feel such peace knowing that he already has our story written out for us.
In the mean time, I'm in survival mode.  Cooking a precious baby, managing our household, keeping up with 3 rug rats, working and trying to fit sleep in there somewhere.  Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.  I'm going to spend mine going from school party, to school party, and enjoying the mountains of love that surround me.  Let the festivities begin!

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