Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lola is 5!

Lola turns 5 next week.  It's like overnight she went from a little girl to a big kid.  So sad.  This little girl brings so much joy into our lives.  She is just easy.  She has been from birth.  She is funny and fun and is a sweet friend.  She is laid back and a great rule follower.  She loves clothes and to go shopping for them.  That kid would try on any and everything you let her at any store.  We all just adore her and I hope that her crazy personality and spunk for life continues.  Today I took her outside for a "photo shoot".  It took her 30 minutes to decide on what she wanted to wear and then she went nuts for the camera.

 She wanted a picture with Hendrix until he tried pulling her hair out!

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  1. How is she 5!!! Such a beauty inside and out!


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