Friday, September 28, 2012


I touched base with our adoption agency this week.  I had a ton of questions as to what the next step in our adoption process is.  Basically, we have to redo almost ALL of our paperwork.  Everything in an adoption process is time sensitive and they don't like anything to be dated more than a year old.  Unfortunately for us, all of our paperwork was done last September/October.  After being completely consumed with paperwork for the past month for our new house, this news almost brought me to tears.  I loathe paperwork.  I can't stand going to 20 different places to get 20 different documents and calling 50 different people to be put on hold 50 different times in order to get all the tedious crap that we need.  Sigh.

After being completely discouraged, I took a breather and remembered why we are doing this.  I remembered that there is a precious little boy across the world waiting on a family.  I remembered that we were called to do this.  We didn't choose it, it was chosen for us.  I remembered that it is never easy to do what Christ calls us to do, which is to follow him.  I remembered that everything is in His perfect timing.  We may have to wait another year to bring Silas home, but when we do, it will be the right time for our family.  We are learning so much through this journey in our lives.  We are learning patience, we are learning trust, we are learning that we aren't in control and that we shouldn't be.

All that being said, if there is anyone who just loves tedious paperwork, you are more than welcome to help a sister out!

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