Monday, February 11, 2013

Photo Catch Up

I pretty much document our lives via instagram these days.  It's a good way to make sure I take photos and don't become "that mom" that doesn't have a picture of her 3rd and 4th kid.  I'm also becoming "that annoying mom" that posts way too many pictures of her adorable hooligans.  Sorry if I annoy you.  Here's what my days off consist of...

Taking #1 to drum less, she's pretty talented if I do say so myself!

 #1 and our Pepaw.  So sweet.

Going on picnics with the fam in this beautiful Texas weather

Lots of playing at the park

Lots of laundry

 and Uno

Taking this wild woman to gymnastics

and working on modesty...

Picking up cars all over my floors because a certain somebody is OBSESSED with them

Watching chunk grow...

and grow...

and smooching all over his obese cheeks

Wearing Aztec Healing Clay to tighten my "old" skin...

and going on as many date nights with this hottie as possible!

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