Sunday, February 10, 2013

Workin on my Fitness

It's time.  It's time to actually do something about this post baby, baby, baby, baby body.  Most people roll their eyes at me when I start talking about how I need to get in shape.  The people that know me best know that I'm a big talker when it comes to stuff like this.  I can talk all day long about health, that doesn't mean I apply it to myself.  The people that don't know me well roll their eyes because to most people I appear thin.  I feel crazy blessed that the baby weight kind of just falls off after each baby.  Mix this with knowing the right clothes to wear to make me appear thinner, I think I look pretty decent.  However, I call myself skinny fat.  You see, just looking at me in clothes I look like a thin person.  Look at me in a bikini (which you will never see me in by the way) and this body is complete mush.  I'm sure there's muscles under there somewhere?  Maybe, maybe not?  I haven't seen one in so long that I'm not so sure anymore. 

After my partial midlife crisis when I turned 30, that's when I decided that I need to be a more disciplined person physically and spiritually.  Let's face it, with 4 kids there is no spare time to work these things in.  If I don't make time for every important thing I need to do, it's just not going to get done.  There is never going to be extra time to read my bible and have quiet time with the Lord, I have to make time for that.  There's not going to be 45 minutes in my day where I can work out uninterrupted, I have to make time for that.  A few months ago I joined a local boot camp and it was fantastic.  However, it was at 6:30 three evenings a week and it was almost impossible to be consistent in going because of mine and the Hubby's work schedule.  I started doing research on all the local gyms and different classes.  I knew that the only way I could make classes on a regular basis is if I went before my family gets up in the morning.  That's when I heard about hot yoga and pilates.

I went on Saturday morning and toured the studio.  The owner was super nice and we talked yoga, life and adoption for over 45 minutes.  I watched people come in and out and guess what...they didn't all look like fitness models.  I didn't feel like I was completely out of my element and actually got excited about starting.  Not only is it great for toning your body, but apparently it's a huge stress reliever.  Maybe after a few classes I can wean myself off Zoloft?  Can I get an amen?  So, tomorrow is my first class.  While all of you are sleeping peacefully, I will be getting my yoga on.  I'm putting this out there for the whole world to know so that when my 5 followers run into me and ask me how my classes are going I hopefully won't hold me head in shame and say I quit, but instead, tell you to check out this hot momma's 6 pack.  What, what. 

I'll keep you posted.  No, I will not post before and after pictures.

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