Saturday, February 14, 2015

Stupid Pinterest Valentine's

I try not to let little things bother me because let's face it, I got 99 problems and Pinterest Valentine's shouldn't be one of them, but somebody needs to speak up.  Do y'all remember back in the olden days when your mom would take you to K-Mart the night before Valentine's to pick out a $1 box of ugly cards to pass out to your friends the next day at school?  Or, where we had to bust out the construction paper and markers and make ugly little folded cards with a sticker on it?  What happened to those glorious days?  When did we decide as parents that every single little holiday party in our kids lives had to become this over the top, ridiculous show of events?  Let me just give you a little insight into how we roll at the Green house when it comes time for a Valentine's party...

About 2 days before the party I run the kids up to Target and they have about 2.5 minutes and about $3 a piece to spend on Valentine's for their friends.  Basically, grab whatever crap is left over and go home and write your name on it.  Done.  Big girls head off to their school parties with their Fun Dip packets, ask me if I'm coming to their parties, to which I reply " ya, but ain't nobody got time to watch you eat an ice cream sundae while you ignore me and play with your friends.  Some Momma's gotta work."  Then I go to the boys little MDO school, rush them through the door and throw a bag of unopened suckers at the teacher and ask her to pass those out amongst their friends.  I don't even know the quantity or how many kids are in the class, but surely each child will get a freaking Dum Dum.  I'm feeling pretty good about the fact that my 5 children miraculously made it to their parties with something in tow, until I get on social media and start looking at what all the other moms sent with their kids...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Here's the deal, I think these Valentine's are adorable. (I don't have a black heart)  But, these are not to impress the kids, these are to impress other mothers.  These are to say I love my children more than you because I spend time making these over the top Valentine's for all of my kids friends.  What, are you Vampires?  Do you sleep?  Who the heck has time for that crap?  Other Pinterest mothers are turning their noses up at each other and non Pinterest mothers feel like the a-hole parent.  Let's just stop.  Stop the madness.  Let's all go back to the good ole days where kids had to make their own dang Valentine's and mothers didn't have to spend a ton of time and money on crap that is thrown in the trash the day after.  All those kids want is sugar so throw them a Pixy Stix and call it a day.


  1. I sooooo agree... I bought mine. I'm seriously trying to stop beating myself up because I sleep a few hours at night I was starting to feel like I am like the only mom/wife who does. I mean, my house isn't show ready, my kids get lunchables, I buy my valentines... The mom peer pressure is seriously worse than highschool crap.


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