Friday, October 7, 2011

Hustle Up

I haven't posted much about the adoption lately because we have been at a complete stand still for about a month now.  We had our home study several weeks ago, and although our social worker had  the approval written up that week, she still hasn't received our criminal background checks.  After waiting for a couple of weeks on them, she resubmitted them yesterday in hopes to have them back next week.  I keep asking the hubby if there is something he needs to tell me about his past?  Sheesh, we're NOT criminals.  Get those suckers back already so we can have an official home study approval.  Until we receive that we cannot get our C.I.S fingerprint thingys.  Don't even ask me what that is?  So confusing.  All I know is that it takes about 2 months to get an approval back and it costs almost $900.  We also cannot apply for grants without the official home study approval.  We need those grants.  We are only in the beginning of this process, are already broke and only need several thousand more dollars before we can send our dossier.  It's a vicious cycle. 

While we wait on those, we will complete our dossier which is just a bunch of tedious paperwork.  Our case worker sent over an example of a dossier and my armpits started sweating.  I feel like I need a college degree to complete this thing, or a good assistant that works for free.  Any takers?  Tons of paperwork, with tons of signatures, tons cover letters and everything has to be notarized.  Some things have to be notarized before other things or the Secretary of State can deny it.  Then you have it overnighted to some person in Washington that personally delivers it to the Secretary of State.  Then they fed ex it to our agency and they send it to Ethiopia and then we might get on the waiting list.  I'm tired just thinking about it.

I just keep thinking about this step being over and then we can just relax, enjoy being a family of 5, while we wait on our referral!  Thank you again for walking through this journey with us.  Pray for those criminals to get in stat, and pray that I don't lose all my marbles while completing our dossier!

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