Sunday, October 2, 2011

Meet Nick

Friday, the hubby and I drove like maniacs to get to DFW in time to greet our friends, JJ and Kara, and their new little boy from Russia.  This was not my first go round.  I can't remember how old I was, but way back when, I stood in DFW with my little sign welcoming home my 2 adopted cousins from Romania.  I remember that there was a ton of people there with excitement in their eyes and joy in their hearts.  That is probably when adoption was placed on my heart.  Seeing these 2 precious babies, from all the way across the world, being united with their new family was the most amazing thing to experience.

I think God confirmed our decision to adopt while watching our good friends from church (JJ and Kara) go through the adoption process to get Nick.  See, JJ and Kara are just normal people like us.  They live a normal life and have 2 normal, biological kids.  They were called to do something that isn't normal, and started the process of adoption.  They didn't just sit back and ignore God's calling because it was bigger than them, they acted.  Russia isn't the easiest place to adopt from, and it most certainly isn't the cheapest.  The odds were stacked against them, but they had faith.  They had faith that they were in God's will and that he was going to provide the way to get their little boy home.

Honestly, if it wasn't for them, we would probably still be "talking" about adopting.  Seeing JJ and Kara take that step and actually do what they were being called to do gave me so much courage.  All of the sudden, what seemed like a dream out of reach, was reachable.  If they could do it, there is no reason why we couldn't do it. 

After 3 trips to Russia, they were finally able to bring Nick home on Friday.  The joy on their faces as they walked through those airport doors was indescribable.  Their family was complete.  I cannot wait for our airport moment when the hubby and I walk through those doors holding Silas.  Thank you JJ and Kara for taking that step and being a testimony to others.  Your family is such a sweet blessing!

You can follow JJ and Kara here


  1. Am I gonna cry on almost all your post?! What a sweet time!

  2. So, so grateful for your sweet friendship! Thank you for being there for us!!


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