Monday, April 16, 2012

I Was Green

Let me just start by saying that I NEVER get sick.  Ask the Hubby.  It drives him crazy.  That is except when I'm pregnant.  Let's just say that these tiny little babes wreak havoc on my body.  Last Tuesday night the Hubby was up all night with a nasty stomach bug.  Then our oldest got sent home from school for puking.  Then little man had the funkiest diapers you've ever experienced for about 24 hours.  I went to work on Thursday and then met my family in Dallas to celebrate my brother's birthday at The Porch.  Everything was going great until about midnight when the uncontrollable vomit started.  I will not go into any more detail than that, but let's just say that it kept coming every 30 minutes to an hour until there was nothing left in my system.  I was on my death bed.

After several attempts at fluids the next morning, my body was officially in shock.  There was cramping from head to toe and braxton hicks contractions nonstop.  I decided to call my doctor's nurse and ask for advice.  Her advice... go to the hospital and get some IV fluids.  Although that sounded like torture, it was better than dying a slow, dehydrated death at home.

I had to check myself in to triage, which is a place I am pretty familiar with.  After 4 pregnancies, 3 sets of kidney stones, 2 preterm labor pregnancies, and lots of dehydration in the first trimesters, I know the routine in triage.  They stick you in a cubical of walls made out of sheets.  You can hear everything that is going on with everyone around you.  It is uncomfortable and loud, and apparently the people that visit triage have lost their dang pregnant minds.   Most of them come through thinking they are in labor, when they aren't.  They think their water has broken, when it hasn't.  They moan and groan about particular aches and pains and want pain meds to fix them. 

This trip was no different than the rest, and since it was Friday the 13th, all the crazies came out to Baylor.  There was the sweet first time mom that was more upset that she didn't find out the sex of her baby at a routine ultrasound, than the fact that she had a terrible kidney infection.  There was the overly dramatic lady that made horrible noises every time she had a mild contraction.  I know they were mild because she got sent home instead of to labor and delivery.  My favorite was the lady on the other side of the curtain from me that brought all of her children with her.  They were loud.  They played with the curtain separating us the whole time she was there.  They ran back and forth to the bathroom and would yell questions at their mom who was laid up in triage for who knows what?  Finally her family of about 15 people show up and instead of taking the kids to the waiting room, just set up camp in her cubical along with them.  Seriously people?

All that being said, I again had wonderful nurses that took great care of me.  After 7 hours, 2 bags of fluids and 2 doses of anti nausea meds, I felt much better and was released from hell. 


  1. How miserable! Glad you are feeling better!

  2. I am so sorry!! That is terrible!!! I'm glad you are better!


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