Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Eventful Day

Well today started out like any other, rushing around getting everyone out the door in time for school, MDO and work.  I went into work for a couple of hours and then left early for lunch at Taco Joint and then my 20 week sonogram appointment with the Hubby.  This appointment makes me a nervous wreck leading up to it.  I just know so many people that got devastating news at their 20 week sono.  Babies that have Trisomy 18, heart defects, Spina Bifida, etc.  I was super relieved when my doctor checked every inch of our wiggly baby and said he/she was perfectly healthy! No, we are not finding out what we are having again.  It was so much fun last time, we can't imagine doing it any other way now.  My doctor says she has a sneaking suspicion, but didn't look to confirm.  It has to be one or the other!

I had checked our weather earlier this morning and knew that we were going to have some storms, but was caught by surprise when we left the doctor and the tornado sirens were going off in Dallas.  This is not a new noise living in Texas, but still makes you stop in your tracks regardless.  The Hubby and I headed back to Rockwall to pick up the little kids, thinking the storm was behind us.  Nope.  As soon as we got in the building, the tornado sirens started going off and the place was put on lock down.  All I could think about was getting back to Sophia's school to pick her up.  I called our sweet neighbor and asked her to grab Sophia for me because I had no idea when they were going to let us out of the building.  My neighbor said that it looked clear there and she would get her, not to worry.

The warnings were eventually lifted and I started home.  About 5 miles from the house the Hubby calls and wants to make sure we are okay because there is a tornado right around us.  What?  I don't even like driving when it is raining, and I really don't like driving when I might get sucked into an air vacuum.  I get home safely and head straight to the neighbors to grab Sophia.  She's not home.  The sirens start going off and the sky is black.  Holy.  Moly.  I run the little kids in, get some kind of supernatural powers, fling a twin mattress over my head and cover the bathtub with the babies in it.  Then my neighbor calls and says the school is on lock down, but she is inside with Sophia.  I'm getting about 100 texts saying there is a tornado right on top of us, but can't dial out or receive calls.  Praying, praying, praying. 

What seemed like 5 hours later, our doorbell rang and it was the neighbor with my big baby!  A few minutes later my dad comes over, then the Hubby makes it home and my mom and cousin come straight from work.  We look for any damage, but can't find a scratch.  Praise the Lord!  Unfortunately, the neighborhood less than a mile up the road was the one all over the news for mass destruction.  Nobody was hurt, but a lot were left homeless.  Keep those families in your prayers!  Sophia seemed very calm over the whole ordeal.  She said she just kept worrying that I was in my car getting hurt by the storms.  Sweet girl.  She also said that she covered her head to protect her brain!  Smart girl.

Tonight I am counting my blessings.  One healthy baby in my tummy, 3 others safe and sound and under one roof.  One on the other side of the world that I pray daily will go unharmed and feel loved.  One Hubby who was a nervous wreck not being able to be here to protect his family during the scary ordeal.  And one God who holds us tight in the palm of his hand.


  1. I thought of you and all your little ones while we were huddled in our hallway and the radio was announcing the tornado right near year! So glad you are all safe and sound!


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