Monday, April 23, 2012


I have been doing my first ever Beth Moore bible study.  It's her latest, James Mercy Triumphs, and it is so stinkin good.  I'm still trying to decide how I feel about James.  He is in your face and he makes me uncomfortable.  Probably because the book of James just might be the most convicting book in the bible.  He states plainly, without any fluff, how we are suppose to live as Christ followers.  I cannot do my homework if I'm having an emotionally, hormonal day.  This bible study is tough because it's hard to hear what we are doing wrong, especially when it comes to our faith. 

We just put our house on the market.  We already found a house we love.  We have someone who wants to lease our house.  We can't seem to negotiate a fair price on the new house.  It's the only house we like on the market.  I would wake up at night stressing about what to do.  I needed a direct answer from God.  I needed God to send an angel to appear in my dreams and tell me exactly what to do with our housing situation. 

Yesterday I woke up and did my bible study homework.  Do you know what it was all about?  Submitting to God in everything.  He knows the well-deliberated plan for your life and how all things must fall into place for you to fulfill your destiny.  So submit to God.  God knows everything about you and every matter concerning you.  Nothing is hidden from His sight.  So submit to God.  Alright, alright, I hear you loud and clear.  Quit being such a control freak, Holly, and submit to God.

Today I woke up feeling a little lighter.  He has a plan.  His plan might be that we live in this house until we die, or he may have change coming for us.  Either way, it's under control.  I'll keep you posted as he reveals his plan to us!


  1. I love Beth Moore and just completed that study a few months ago. It is very good and convicting. Good luck with your house situations, God does have a plan for you!

  2. Hope the house situation works out! Thanks for sharing about the bible study. I have been looking for one to do.


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