Thursday, May 31, 2012

Momma Q&A

Okay, now it's my turn to answer the same questions about the Hubby.  Here goes...

1.  If your hubby could change jobs, what would his dream job be?
Me- He loves his job as a graphic designer, but if I had to pick I'd say a professional fisherman?
Hubby-  True. I do love what I do. My dream job would be an Industrial Designer. That is what I always wanted to do but school was a fortune to get my degree.

2.  What is your hubby's most irritating habit?
Me- Definitely hacking up a lung every time he gets done brushing his teeth.
Hubby- Yeah, it annoys me too. I have a terrible gag reflex.

3.  What would your hubby's dream date be?
Me- Hmm...good dinner and a guy movie?
Hubby- An overnight date with Holly sans kids. I could care less what we do or where we go. I never get alone time with her so that would be most important.

4.  If your hubby won the lottery, what would he spend the money on?
Me- He would start his own charity and buy his dream car first, then travel the world and live on the lake.
Hubby- Yep. In that order. I would have the baddest freaking ride you've ever seen.

5.  What is your hubby's most admirable trait?
Me- He is a very hard worker and extremely loyal.
Hubby- I agree with that. I work like crazy but I don't mind because I want my family to have nice things. I grew up broke as a joke and I will scrub toilets before that happens to my kids. Don't believe me? I've done it.

6.  When did you know he was "the one"?
Me- I don't remember the exact second, but I knew without a doubt on one of our first few dates.  When you know, you know.
Hubby- It's really all about your game. Never pop your collar either. That gets you nowhere.

7.  What is the one thing your hubby despises when it comes to housework?
Me- Picking up everyone's clutter.
Hubby- I'm very organized so clutter drives me nuts.

8.  If your hubby was stranded on a deserted island, what would be the one thing he couldn't live without?
Me- His phone.
Hubby- A boat would probably be good so I could bounce outta there. Phone is good as long as I have reception :)

9.  Who takes longer to get ready, be honest?
Me- Without at doubt, him.  This would be his second most irritating habit.
Hubby- Does it matter? Just because she doesn't have to work hard to be beautiful she can get done quick. I'm old and slow. Don't hate.
Me- Whatev

10. Your hubby is sitting in front of the tv, what's on?
Me- He rarely watches tv, but lately he's been catching up on Breaking Bad.
Hubby- If TV is on it would have to be Dexter, Breaking Bad or Duck Dynasty. I'm not much of a TV person unless I am at the in-laws. The recliners are too comfortable and the TV is right there so....

11. How does your hubby take his coffee?
Me- It's embarrassing to say (coming from a true coffee drinker), so let's just pretend that he only drinks DP.
Hubby- Embarrassing? The Java Chip at Starbucks is just a small sample of what heaven will be like. Vanilla Latte isn't bad either.
Me- See, totally embarrassing.

12. What is one thing your hubby wears that you wish he would throw away?
Me- UGH, that stupid camo hat my dad gave him.  It's hideous.
Hubby- I love that hat. For real. I never, ever wear hats. I really don't like them but that one is on my dome every weekend. It's broken (thanks to Lola) so I need to super glue it. Not kidding either.

13. What is your hubby's strangest habit?
Me- He won't drink out of a straw.  That's just weird.
Hubby- For any guys reading this. Drink out of a straw in the mirror and you'll know why. You look silly. If you kiss the straw your lips goes in all sorts of stupid looking shapes. I think men should be men that's all.

14. Tell us something about your hubby that most people wouldn't know.
Me- He won't eat hot fruit and rarely drinks hot drinks.  No pies, cobblers, hot cocoa, etc. 
Hubby- That and there was a time I was recruited to be a traveling make-up artist for Trish McEvoy.
Me- Wow, even I didn't know that.  Awkward.

15. What is your hubby's best physical trait?
Me- His green eyes.  I really wish just one of our kids would get his green eyes with dark hair.  Love it.
   Hubby- I guess the years and extra pounds haven't been kind. My hair is getting grey so all that's left are my eyes.   Sad day.

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  1. This post is too funny. Cal won't drink out of a straw either because he says "I don't suck!" He thinks he is hilarious.


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