Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pregnancy #1 to #4

I'm 26 weeks now...I think.  I'd have to look up my pregnancy calendar to know for sure.  Who has time for that?  That pretty much sums up this pregnancy.  Poor baby, the only time I think about being pregnant is when I wake up 3 times every night to pee, or when my sciatic nerve keeps me gimping around.  That's the difference in pregnancy #1 and pregnancy just don't have time to dwell on all the joys of it.  Here are a few things that would have already happened by now...if this was my first go around.

*I would know exactly to the day how far along I am.  I use to count by weeks, now I go by months.
*I would know the sex of the baby.  I mean I would HAVE to know so that I could plan every little detail of the baby's life before it entered the world.  Now, it doesn't matter, the surprise is worth the wait.
*They would have a first AND middle name and we would use it in daily conversation.  Now, we pretty much haven't even discussed what we will name this baby.  I've got like 3 months to worry about that, what's the rush?
*The nursery would be painted, furniture put together and several hundred dollars worth of bedding and decorations would fill the room.  Now, I figure I can always use a pack and play for several months in our room until we figure out where to put this little one.
*There would be new clothes hanging in the baby's closet, already washed in Dreft and ready to be worn.  Now, I hope there are a couple of bags of used clothes in the attic I can grab once we get home from the hospital.  Who cares about washing them...I'm pretty sure they were clean when we stuck them up there?
*I would be working on my birth plan and starting to pack my hospital bag.  Know what my birth plan is now?  To get an epidural as quickly as possible.  Who cares after that as long as the baby comes out healthy?  And I don't think there's anything I will really need at the hospital that I can't send the Hubby to Target for once we check in.  Why stress?
 *I would have already called my doctor at least 20 times to ask if certain things are "normal".  Now, if something weird comes up I first google it and hope there is one other person on the planet that's had the same thing.  Then if I can't find someone, I figure I'll see my doctor in the next couple of weeks and either that thing will be gone, or I'll just ask her about it in person.

It's not that I'm not super excited about this baby, I just don't have time to think about him/her.  I'm in survival mode.  I work.  I am never without at least 2 kids outside of work.  I'm busy.  I'm tired.  I'm just trying to make it to August, get this baby out and then learn how to keep my sanity.  There will be plenty of time once I'm on maternity leave to make my close friends and family get all these pre-baby things wrapped up!  Just kidding...I'll help a little.


  1. Girl, I don't blame you!!! You have 3 kids under the age of what 6? (atleast) and have a full time job outside of being a mommy and wife! More power to ya for doing all this 4 times!! Can't wait to see him or her!

  2. I have three little tornado's. I'm thinking about adding a 4th!! How crazy am I! lol . Loved reading this!:)


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