Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tree Farm

One of my favorite Christmas traditions that we've started with our family is going to a tree farm the day after Thanksgiving and cutting down our tree.  I've always loved real Christmas trees.  I love their imperfections and the way they make your house smell.  The first couple of years we were married we just ran up to Lowes and grabbed a tree.  About 2 days later each time, the daily sweeping around the tree began.  Needles everywhere.  Then we learned that if you cut down a fresh tree, they don't shed.  Praise the Lord for my sanity.  He knows how much I loathe cleaning.

Last year we discovered a little tree farm called Yesterland.  It is the cutest place ever.  They have a great Santa, lots of little rides and games for the kids, Fair type foods and a great selection of trees.  The kids loved it, so we went back this year and took some friends and family along.  The weather was perfect and we ended up staying for half of the day.

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