Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In a Bubble

It's really hard to get into the Christmas spirit with all the horrible things happening around us.  Seems like every day there is something new, something tragic.  I don't think that things are worse now than 10 years ago, I just think I'm a mom now so I notice these things more.  My first instinct when I heard about the shootings at Sandy Hook was to leave work and go get all of my hooligans.  My first instinct was to take them all home, pull Sophia out of school, home-school and live in a bubble of protection.  After the shock wore off and I had time to process everything I realized how ridiculous my initial thoughts were. 

My children are not my own.  They were a gift from God.  He is trusting me to take good care of them and to raise them in a Godly home.  They are His children and he loves them more than I could ever imagine.  He loves them more than me.  That is so hard to grasp.  How could anyone love them more than me?  It doesn't matter what I do to try and protect them from harm, we live in a fallen world where horrific things happen every day.  God doesn't make those things happen, but he allows them to.  I won't know all the answers until I am kneeling at his feet.  Living in a fallen world doesn't make me mad at God, it makes me long for him more.  I need Him.  We all need Him. 

Our pastor has mentioned numerous times that we will face trials on this side of Heaven.  There is not a person on this planet that won't go through hard times at some point in their life.  Where is our faith going to stand when we are confronted with those trials?  How do people get through tragedies without a relationship with Jesus Christ?

I can put my family in a bubble and shield them from the world.  Does that mean something terrible can't happen to them?  There is childhood cancer everywhere.  There are deadly car accidents daily.  There are horrible things that happen every second.  I would be devastated if something tragic happened to one of my children.  I would never get over it.  I don't know how I could get up every morning and carry on with my life.  I do know that God's grace would be sufficient in those times.  I know that He would carry me through and that because of my relationship with him, I would be healed.  Today I will hold them a little tighter, cherish them a little more, love them until it hurts.

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  1. Beautifully written
    -Emily Colbert


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