Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I've Seen His Face

We started the adoption process almost 2 years ago.  Of course there was that crazy 4th pregnancy, but regardless of that, we've been waiting a long time to see our little Ethiopian's face.  July 2nd we got the call.  Our case worker briefly told me a little bit about a baby that she thought we'd be interested in.  He was a lot younger than we expected, but I firmly believe that whatever child we got a call on, was our child.  It's all in God's hands anyway and we were willing to take whomever he wanted in our family.

Up until that call, I had been pretty relaxed about the whole adoption process.  Although I was ready for that call, let's face it, I'm freaking busy.  I have 4 holligans to keep me occupied and my mind on other things besides adoption 24/7.  I knew that we would get our referral at the right time and that everything would fall into place as it should.  If it took longer than we expected, that was okay, more time for me to get ready for him.  That was until I saw his face.

I opened that file and saw his sweet face.  It wasn't love at first sight, I'm not going to lie.  I was completely overwhelmed.  We had been waiting for so long and we finally had a face.  I never cried, I just immediately had the sense of urgency that I hadn't had before.  I needed to do everything I could as quickly as possible to bring my baby home.  I check my emails 100 times a day waiting for any news of a court date.  I check plane tickets daily so that I will already have the best deal ready to book as soon as we get the call.  I have a list of everything I will need to pack so that I don't forget anything in the rush.  I have childcare lined up for the other kids while we are gone, and a freezer full of breast milk for #4.  I know that he is very well taken care of where he is at this time.  He's receiving medical care and has caregivers that love on him.  But it's not me doing those things for my son and I want it to be ME.  ASAP.

Please pray that we miraculously get a court date before everything in Ethiopia closes for rainy season August 6th.  It's a very long shot at this point, but I'm still hopeful.  Also pray that our little guy continues to get healthier by the day and that God would prepare his heart for us and our hearts for him.  Here is the whole gang seeing his precious face for the first time...


  1. tears, i am so excited for you, I can' t imagine your emotions. how wonderful. praying for that court date soon.

  2. Very exciting! Can't wait to see him! and an updated family photo with 7!!! people! LOL! You guys are crazy! But it's your own crazy and that's super cool! Congrats!


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