Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year, New Resolutions

This New Year was low key, relaxing and fun.  Some of our good friends invited us over for an adult slumber party which included Mexican food, The Newlywed Game and a hot tub.  None of us knew what to do with the quietness of no kids.  It was marvelous.

The New Year always is a time of reflection and resolutions.  Some of which I will keep, some of which I will drop after the first month.  You know the usual-

Work out
Eat better
Eat at home more
Read the bible more
Be a more intentional friend
Be a better budget-er
Speak my hubby's love language
Start up a new business

Yeah, about that last one, I've started a new business on the side.  First of all, I am the biggest skeptic of direct sales.  I loathe "those" people that constantly bug you about buying their product, whatever it may be.  However, I recently was given a set of Rodan + Fields skincare and absolutely FELL IN LOVE.  OMG, it seriously has been transforming my skin since the day I started using it.  I figured since I would be telling everyone I know about it, I might as well make some extra money off it!  Rodan + Fields are the creators of Proactiv solutions.  They figured that besides breakouts, most women are concerned about their aging skin.  So, they developed an anti-aging skincare line.  I cannot tell you how awesome this stuff is, I wouldn't sell it if I didn't think so.

I promise to not be one of "those" annoying sales people.  But, if you are interested in having flawless skin without a trip to the dermatologist, or are looking for some extra money on the side, I'm your gal!  There's my spill.  I'll let it rest.

Here's my website Check it out and good luck keeping your resolutions this year!

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