Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Into Fashion

I cannot get over the cuteness of this season's fashion.  Too bad I already look like I'm 6 months pregnant or I could totally justify buying some non maternity clothes.  The thing I have noticed most about the Spring/Summer collections is a lot of COLOR.  Bright colored pants, multi colored tops and sun dresses to make you drool.  What I love about the style lately is that nothing has to match.  I know, sounds weird, but pretty much anything goes.  Mix matched patterns, different bold colors and bright jewelry on top of it all.  Don't go crazy, you could end up looking like a clown.  But don't be afraid to mix things that you might of thought would never go together. 

A couple of weeks ago I ran through my favorite store on the planet Target and browsed their maternity apparel.  I was that lucky person that got there right after they put out a whole new line of clothing and they actually had everything I loved in my size.  It was one of the happiest days of my life.  So I obviously grabbed a few things I couldn't live without.  Let's start with the maxi dress.  Love this first one because it will be so cute with some bright colored earrings and sandals to add some color.

Let's don't forget about those maxi skirts, only because they are SO comfortable I could practically sleep in them.  Either of these would be cute with a plain tank with a bright spring scarf.

Those were some of my bargain buys, but if I was made of money, I would shop at A Pea In A Pod and grab a few items like these.

I'm pretty sure I can talk my mom into buying her favorite oldest daughter one of these swimsuits if I asked really nicely.  Pretty please?

My one piece of advice to all the preggo mommas out there is to wear fitted maternity clothes.  No matter how big you think you are, you will look even bigger in baggy stuff.  Not only that, but you should rock that baby bump.  Don't try to conceal it!  Cheers to a bright Spring!


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