Friday, March 30, 2012


If you asked me how I've been doing lately, I would say overall very good.  Besides my very consistent hive problem, I feel great!  The baby seems to be thriving, as I can feel constant tiny kicks and flutters.  I literally feel like the baby is in my hoo hoo.  Probably because my uterus has lost all elasticity and is hanging on for dear life after 4 pregnancies in 7 years.  I wouldn't be surprised if it just fell out with this baby! 

I would also tell you that it never gets old hearing things like, "Are you sure there's just one in there?"  "Wow, you are only 5 months along?"  "You pop out quicker every time."  Sigh...  Seriously people?  I know that I tend to show quicker than others, I know that it appears like I am further along than I am, I know that you might be hoping that there are twins just so I can go more insane, but keep your stinkin' passive aggressive comments to yourself.  I already feel like Shamu, you don't have to state the obvious.  Thank you.

When we decided to adopt, we had tons of encouragement from people and we also had some negative reactions.  Apparently we are a freak show because we are having more than the standard 2 kids?  I get that it isn't for everyone and I try to be nice and positive when I get these negative reactions.  However, my hormonal self tends to take over my rational, patient self.  Sometimes I might respond to a person that goes on and on about how difficult it will be to raise 5 kids, and how it is going to be so expensive, and how there is no way we will be able to afford all that, with an answer like, "well, I am just going to apply for welfare and let your tax dollars pay for all of them".  I may or may not have said that in a hormonal state of bitchiness.  Lord, grant me patience with idiots.

If you asked me how my hooligans are doing, I would say keeping me on my toes!  The girls are going through a very sassy mouthed stage, which is so charming.  cough, cough.  They are crazy opinionated about their clothes, and we have at least one nervous breakdown a week because of it.  They argue all day, but now sleep in the same twin bed at night and giggle way past their bedtime.  They are both hoping this baby is a girl, and think I'm just going to move the crib straight into their bedroom the day this baby is born.  Not a bad idea?  They still think their little brother is king of this castle, and he pretty much is. 

Becks is as busy as ever.  I've decided that boys are aliens.  I am absolutely in love with my little guy, but Oh. My. Word. he is so much work.  I have never met a kid that is busier and more destructive than him.  He has a super sweet spirit and will hold his hands up to you numerous times a day saying, "hugs"?  Melt me.  I ask him where my baby is and he pulls up  my shirt and kisses my tummy.  Sometimes when I ask him this he also pulls up his shirt, so I don't think he gets it?  We are trying to break the pappy/bunkie habit slowly.  Slowly mostly because I love them as much as he does!  Can we say instant plug?  I tell him to go put his bunkiepappy in his bed to go night night and he does.  But he puts them right by the edge so he can easily get to them the next time he is having a craving.  Pardon the poor picture quality, I have pretty much been using my old iPhone for most of my pics lately.

Happy weekend!

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  1. A. You are the cutest/skinniest pregs person I have ever known. So those people need to SHOVE. IT.
    B. Love that Lola and Soaps giggle in bed! Makes me miss my sisters for sure, and wish that Chloe had a little sister (but that ain't happening').
    C. I miss Becks! We have to get together. Period.
    Happy Weekend!


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