Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, Hubby!

Today is the Hubby's birthday!  I like to give him a hard time about his age because he is a lot older than me : ).  However, I was looking through pictures to post of him and realized that he hasn't aged a bit.  Pretty annoying actually, because as I was looking through the same pictures I decided that I need a major chemical peel, botox, a mommy make over and a new haircut.  What four kids will do to you!  Enough about me. 

The hubby could have cared less about his birthday when we met.  I on the other hand, think birthdays are pretty darn special.  After years of stressing this to him, he's finally on board and asks for presents now and wants to do something to celebrate.  Yesterday we went with good friends to Taco Diner and had so much fun hanging out and catching up with friends we don't see enough, and friends we spend every second with!  This morning he woke up to presents and cards and the kids told him a million times to have a good birthday!  My mom made him his favorite cake and gave him gift cards to have a day to himself at Northpark.  Does she know his love language or what?

I am so blessed to get to spend birthday after birthday with this man.  He is an incredible husband, daddy, friend and leader.  He is super funny, fun and makes us feel special.  Although he's getting up there in age (I kid, I kid), he gets better every year!  Happy Birthday to my favorite guy!

Us before kids!  Notice how young I look...

Our first baby.

Our second baby.

Number 3.

 Halloween 2011

 Us after 8 years of marriage!

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