Monday, June 11, 2012

My Baby is 2!

Our baby boy will be 2 tomorrow.  Part of me is a little sad that time goes quicker and quicker, part of me loves watching these little ones grow and become their own person.  I've said it before and I will say it again that the whole boy thing is still a little weird for me.  After having 2 girls, this little man is rocking my world.  He is defiant, he is destructive, he needs about 3 baths a day to smell decent, he is never seen without a car or motorcycle, he is still a terrible sleeper, he likes dirt, he likes to fight, he likes to climb, he throws a mean fit, his farts smell as bad as his daddy's. 

On the flip side of all those weird boy things...he is the best snuggler in the world, he laughs easily, he kisses often, he adores his sisters, he is in love with his daddy, he is a fantastic eater, he repeats everything he hears, he still loves for me to hold him, he is constantly changing shoes, he is no cry baby, he's laid back, he has my heart.

Little man loves being the baby and the center of attention.  I am most certainly worried about how he is going to handle this whole new baby thing.  It makes me sad that he won't be my baby anymore, but I can't wait to see what kind of a man he grows up to be!

June 12, 2010- The day we laid eyes on our little man for the first time!

Beckham's first birthday picture!

 2 year picture!  He's a little stud muffin, if I do say so myself!

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  1. Precious little boy! Happy Birthday Beckham! I cannot believe he is two.


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