Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm a firm believer in...hair color!

That's right.  Hair color.  Not just because I'm a stylist, but because there are less than 1% of people on the planet that naturally have beautiful hair color over the age of 20.  I'm not saying run out to your nearest salon, ask for the first available person and get some streaky highlights up in your fro.  I'm definitely not saying to run up to Sally's and buy some crap in a box.  I'm saying find a reputable stylist, wait for a month to get in with her, ask for her professional opinion on what would look best with your skin tone, then enjoy the salon experience and feel better about yourself.  Here are some tips on color...

Highlights are great for people that need a little volume an are committed to coming in every couple of months for maintenance.  Highlights give a lot of dimension and essentially dry out your hair enough to add a little umph to your roots.  My clients with fine hair always say they need their highlights touched up when they start having to work harder for body.  On a side note...if you live in Texas, you should carry a backcombing comb at all times.  Period.

If highlights are a little too much maintenance for you, try an all over color.  You can do anything from deep reds, to chocolate browns, to using your natural color with added shine.  This is definitely the way to go if you are getting some of those pesky "natural highlights" as I like to call mine.  All over color will hide those suckers with just 30 minutes of processing time and leave your hair looking rich.

My favorite color these days is the ever so popular ombre.  Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not feeling the black roots and white ends,  that's just trashy.  What I do love is using your natural color at the roots and very subtly going from dark to a couple of shades lighter on the ends.  This type of color will give you gorgeous dimension with little to no maintenance.  Think about a little girls hair at the end of summer.  Now go pay your stylist tons of money to make yours look like that.


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