Thursday, September 8, 2011

Off to Preschool...

The Jokester started back at Mother's Day Out today.  This morning was a whippin.  Here is a little something about kid #2, she is a bit indecisive.  The child changes clothes about 45 times a day, takes 10 minutes to decide what she wants for breakfast every morning, gathers all sorts of random things around the house and puts them in her purse and then changes her mind and starts all over.  OMG.  Can I get a little hustle around here?  Knowing that this morning would be hectic, we got everything ready the night before.  We picked out an adorable outfit, that matches, and hung it on her doorknob ready for school.  We packed her backpack, and made sure that everything under the sun was in it.  We set out her favorite cereal out on the counter, and hoped for the best.

 7:00-The jokester wakes up in a funk.

7:15-Says she's not getting ready until she can watch 1 cartoon.
7:16-I turn on a cartoon to try and keep the peace.

7:45-I tell her to get ready and put on her cute outfit that we picked out.

7:50-She still hasn't moved off the couch.

7:55-I start making threats.

8:00-She comes in my bathroom wearing a ridiculous mismatched outfit and says she wants 2 pony tails with 2 loops and 2 bows.

8:05-We have accomplished her hair miracle.

8:10-Hair is already down and ridiculous outfit #2 is on.

8:11-I pray for patience.

8:15-We should be out the door, but I'm wrangling child #3 into his cute 1st day outfit.

8:20-#3's outfit has food all over it.

8:25-#2's hair is redone, #3 is changed into a new outfit and we are all in the car.

8:26-We're back in the house because I haven't fed my children breakfast.

8:30-We are on the road, hallelujah!

8:35-#2 has a nervous breakdown about going to school.

8:45-We are jammin' out to some Pink and everyone is happy.

9:00-School is starting, we are pulling in the parking lot.

9:02-I throw #3 in his room with barely a goodbye kiss.

9:03-The hubby wants to take pictures outside.  Are you kidding me?

9:05-#2 is way to cool to even give us a hug as she prances in to her new room.

Despite our crazy morning, I did manage a few cute pics of my little hooligan...

and tomorrow is a new day.

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