Monday, September 19, 2011

Past 10 Years

This past weekend was my 10 year high school reunion.  No, I did not go.  Just wasn't in the mood for that.  Sometimes it feels like I was in high school last week and sometimes I can't even remember things that happened then it has been so long.  Regardless, I have not wasted any time over years.  Here's a little time line to catch anyone up who's interested.

May 2001 - Graduated from Forney High School
June 2001 - Started cosmetology school
May 2002 - Graduated cosmetology school and moved to Plano for a job
July 2002 - Met the hubby on my lunch break
December 2002 - Met the hubby for the second time at a Christmas party
December 2002 - We were engaged
June-2003 - The hubby and I got hitched
July 2003-We became members of Lake Pointe Church
September 2004 - We moved to Kansas City for a split second and I got pregnant
October 2004 - We moved back home because I was freaking out that I was pregnant
June 2005 - We welcomed our first baby girl in to the world
August 2005 - We broke ground on our first home
October 2005 - I came to work at the salon that I still am still with (Mirror Mirror Hair Studio)
January 2006 - We moved in to our first home
February 2007-Found out we were expecting number 2
June 2007-Started noticing a few little gray hairs
October 2007-Welcomed baby girl into the world
November 2007-The hubby went to work for our church and started actively pursuing his career as a graphic designer
June 2008-Celebrated 5 years of marriage
June 2009-Took our first trip to Vegas and fell in love with it
October 2009-Took our second trip to Vegas and had a surprise positive pregnancy test when we got home
June 2010-Were shocked when baby boy came out a BOY
August 2011-Decided to add another precious baby to our family through adoption
September 2011-Now can't keep the gray hairs covered

Wow, that makes me tired just writing all that down.  It is amazing to see how much God has blessed our family over the years.  It has not always been easy, but it has been rewarding.  Cheers to 10 more!

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