Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Things Even I Didn't Think About

Along with our home study yesterday came some interesting things to think about from our social worker.  It is her job to make sure that we are prepared to take on another little one.  The process is a little stressful, but I'm so thankful they require a home study and background checks before they will even consider you for adoption.  Maybe every person should go through a home study before bringing a child into the world.  There would be a lot less orphans, huh?  I should run for president.  The Momma saves America.  Sounds like a great campaign to me?  How do I always get so sidetracked?

So our social worker pointed out some things that I hadn't thought of once we have our little man in our arms.

1.  He will have probably never had a bath.  Are you kidding me?  Something as simple as a bath.  Something we do everyday.  Something American babies get within 24 hours of birth.  A bath.  The caregivers in the orphanages give them what we would call a "spit bath", but he will have never sat in a tub of water.  This is something that we will have to introduce slowly in order not to traumatize the poor kid.

2.  He will probably be scared of men.  Chances are, our child will have never been around a man.  The caregivers are always women, so the hubby will probably make our little guy nervous.  Fine with me.  I want him all to myself anyway.  The baby, not the hubby.  Well, the hubby too.

3.  Not one person outside of the hubby and myself should meet ANY of the babies needs for the first month.  Everything from feedings to diaper changes and eventually baths should only be done by one of us.  This helps secure attachment.  He will be used to many different people taking care of him and in order for him to realize that we are his permanent caregivers, we have to get him to attach to us and only us for awhile.  Sorry Honey and Poppy.

Whew, so much to think about.  Regardless of all the hurdles we will have to jump through between now and getting our little one to attach, it will be more than worth it.

And anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me. Matthew 18:5

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  1. I also think everyone should have to do a homestudy before having kids! It really opened my eyes too. Best of luck in your journey,


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